earthquake relief

The earthquakes of September 2017 did significant damage…


A Wall Worth Building
Workers at the community center in Zaachila repair the wall that protects the children who play in the yard


The earthquakes of September 2017 did significant damage in Mexico, though largely missed the communities we work with. But there was some damage.

Our friends at SiKanda reported that a music school and a community center in Zaachila, and their own offices were in need of repair. SACRED funded these repairs in their entirety.

There was greater damage done to the homes in the Oaxacan community of Huajuapan. SiKanda estimates that it will cost US$59,000 to repair all of these homes.

Though not within the scope of what we do, we contributed around US$1,000 toward the effort. We encourage you to support this project by contributing directly to SiKanda.

Finally, several months after the fact, we learned of a maestro mezcalero whose home had been damaged in the quakes. When we learned of the damage, we wired money to the mezcalero to enable him to purchase the materials he needed to repair his home. We’re not including his name here because we don’t believe in leveraging the pain of individual people to raise money. And, honestly, for the work we do, it appears the need for earthquake-repair funds is at an end.

Having said that, if you’re moved to give money toward earthquake repair in Oaxaca, again, we encourage you to contribute directly to SiKanda. Alternately, you can make a contribution to SACRED and we will hold those funds for future earthquake relief (that, hopefully, will never be needed).