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Hey Hey! Agave! Episode 11, Tuyo NYC, 08/2019

60-year-old agave blooming, Chicago Tribune, 07/17/2019


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Tales of the Cocktail Foundation Announces 2018 Golden Spirit Award, by Alex Smith, 10/10/2018

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Global Activism: S.A.C.R.E.D.’s Mexico In A Bottle Festival, interview with Jerome McDonnell, on WBEZ's "Worldview," 10/12/2017 (and, really, it's Mezcalistas' festival!)

Pickle me pretty A mezcal maestro, educator are among the featured speakers at Fermentation Fest, by Allison Geyer, for Isthmus, 09/28/2017

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Agave Adoration: The Mezcal Gospel According to Lou Bank, by David Hammond, for New City, 04/02/2015